Yo~♥~! I'm Minako Aino, sweet 16, and I'm going to be an idol!! ♥♦♥ First watch me conquer Tumblr! C'est la Vie!

Ai no megami no How To Love
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This is a “roleplay Tumblr”, but not to participate in any one particular RP; instead, this Tumblr is used to roleplay what a Tumblr account run by Minako Aino from Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon / Codename wa Sailor V might look like. Rather than reblogging things about Sailor Moon, this Tumblr will reblog things that fit in with Minako’s interests.

Things you will find on Minako’s Tumblr (aphroditeovermyshoulder) include:

pop culture | “trashy” pop culture (Twilight, Miley Cyrus, etc.) | Japanese idols (particularly those involved in Sailor Moon) | popular video games | music | fashion | cats | Sailor V

What’s the point? Well, really there is none. It’s just some fun, at times like an extended fanfiction, and it’s a way to be introduced to some things you might not have otherwise looked into, through a common interest in Sailor Moon.

Asks are welcome! They will be answered in-character. Pretend like you’re speaking to the character themselves. Questions are gonna get ignored if you mention stuff like Minako being Sailor Venus, or any other things that a normal person wouldn’t know. Things that are probably beyond the average scope, but aren’t impossible (going shopping with Usagi, for example) are OK.

Who’s that in the icon? The image used for this Tumblr is of Ayaka Komatsu, an actress, model and gravure idol who played Minako in the live action run of Sailor Moon. A photo was used instead of a 2D picture of the character to help suspend disbelief. Speaking of which, imagine that Minako is writing everything in Japanese and you are merely reading it in English for your own convenience. (Thus, Asks like “You’re so good at English!!!!” will be ignored forever and ever.)

More Tumblrs? Each of the girls have their own Tumblrs, and some other characters too. They are all sub-Tumblrs connected to “Usagi’s” Tumblr (princessdumpling).


I also have a normal (comparatively speaking) Sailor Moon Tumblr called SailorFailures. If these aren’t your cup of tea, you might like that instead.